I May Have Overdosed on Doctor Who. . .

name of the doctor photo

If you don’t know, this episode is happening this weekend. Saturday to be exact, at 8pm on BBC America. Yeah, that was a plug. Not because I’m getting paid or anything, but because I am SO FREAKING EXCITED for this episode to happen! I have been trying to figure out Clara’s mystery since her second incarnation in The Snowmen died. It’s led to a lot of time being wasted on blogs and forums, reading theories about who she might be. I’m not going to talk theories, because honestly I haven’t come up with one – or seen one – that sounds about right.

I’m the kind of person that loves spoilers. A lot of people feel like spoilers, well, spoil things. Not me. I’m the kind of person who would habitually read the endings of books, and then get even more excited to read the book, because I wanted to see how the author was going to get me to that ending. And of course, I’ve been looking for spoilers. But apparently there was a huge booboo. BBC America sent out the blu-rays for Series 7 part 2 (series = season in the UK) and so a lot of people got to go ahead and watch The Name of the Doctor. . . And so Steven Moffat and co. said if people could keep things quiet they would give the world a clip from the 50th anniversary. And apparently everyone is listening and being very nice. Which is nice (I like to see people doing the right thing) but it also means that my need for spoilers is simply not being indulged! I need my spoilers!

Instead, I’ve been reading even more fan theories about who Clara is. Lots of theories. And watching trailers for The Name of the Doctor is slow motion. Very slow motion. . .

I may have overdosed. . .

I’m not a person who dreams about television shows a whole lot. In fact, I never dream about television shows. I mean, most of my dreams are action packed enough, but usually it’s all plots and characters dreamed up in my own imagination. So I was surprised, last night, to actually have a dream that involved Doctor Who. And not even 9,10, or 11, which I would say are the Doctors I am most familiar with. . . But I dreamt about the third doctor. . . I’m not even that fond of the third Doctor, I find him extremely grumpy. . .

I may need to lay off the Doctor Who for a while. . .

AFTER Saturday.

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