A Word About My Book Reviews. . .

So, by now you’ve noticed that I posted a book review, and this is my plan for Fridays (I mean, I do call myself the Book Chick after all). . . If you notice though, they’re very quick book reviews, kind of what I call my One Minute Book Review. . . The reason for these is that I like short book reviews. I don’t want to read a book to find out what someone thought of a book, so I write short book reviews. I tell you what it’s about (from memory, so I’m sorry if those summaries fall short sometimes), what I liked and didn’t like, and what my final verdict is. As things progress I’ll probably attempt to link everything together (meaning my GoodReads and trying to do Youtube videos), but right now it’s just this blog, and I think that’s okay. . .


One thought on “A Word About My Book Reviews. . .

  1. Spectacles says:

    Hi there! I just started following you. I really actually like your “one minute book reviews.” It’s short, concise and to the point. A lot of people don’t have the time to read really long posts. Maybe I’ll try that, too, that is if you don’t mind if I try out your set-up?

    If you want to check it out, here’s a link to my blog: http://spectacleaglow.wordpress.com/
    Hope to see more from you!


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