One Minute Book Review: Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl



There are no surprises in Gatlin County for Ethan Wate until Lena Duchannes blows into town. The niece of the town recluse, Ethan is immediately drawn to her because she is different, and soon finds out that there is more that is different to her than her sense of style. Lena is something called a Caster and on her sixteenth birthday she will find out if she is to be good or evil. In another race against time story, they’re trying to see if there is a way around what she will be, so she and Ethan can be together.

What I Liked About It:

  • Set in the south!
  • A book written by females with a lead male character that I cared about.
  • Unique take on the supernatural world (or at least one I haven’t seen).
  • I felt like this accurately described the south. I’m familiar with the area they’re talking about, and I particularly loved that they seemed to get the accent right, if that’s possible in a book

What I Didn’t Like About it:

  • It assumed too much about the reader, especially their knowledge of the south.
  • It left a very obvious cliffhanger for the next volume. It was clear they were setting up for the next book, and that there would be a next book.

The Verdict:

I loved it and would definitely recommend it! I’m kind of scared to watch the movie now, because I’m not sure it would live up to the book. It got into things quickly, it got interesting fast, and the characters and story were equally interesting.

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