One Minute Book Review: Visions of Sugar Plums by Janet Evanovich



Stephanie Plum just can’t get to Christmas this year! So of course the spirit of friggin’ Christmas lands in her kitchen. Or maybe he’s Spiderman. Whatever he is, there he is in her kitchen, and what else is the Jersey girl bounty hunter to do? You guessed it, take him along as she looks for an FTA named Sandy Claws. Without giving away too much, all the usual hijinks ensue, and if you want a taste of Janet Evanovich’s Wicked series, you’ll get a taste of Diesel here!

What I Liked About It:

DIESEL. I loved this character, so much so that I resolved right then and there to read the Wicked series by the author (I think there’s only two). He was so likable and fun, his character really brought a lightness to the book that I just loved.  It was a nice little Christmas book, quick to read (I read it in a day), and FUNNY. I finished it feeling good about it. . . and a desperate urge to start on Christmas cookies. In the middle of May.

What I Didn’t Like About It:

I’m gonna be honest, this was one of those books where I couldn’t think of anything I didn’t like. I liked it all.

The Verdict:

It’s a fun read, it’s easy, and while not necessary to enjoy the rest of the series, if you’re like me you’re going to want to read this between Hard Eight and To The Nines.

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