One Minute Book Review: Beautiful Darkness by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl


Ethan Wate used to think that no place could be as boring as Gatlin, until Caster Lena Duchannes came along. With her as his guide, Ethan discovered a secret Gatlin he never knew was there, one full of hidden perils. But he’d always felt that he could face all of that as long as Lena was by his side.

But following the tragic loss of someone close to her, Lena starts pulling away from Ethan, keeping secrets and excluding her from her world. This time Ethan will have to follow Lena herself deeper into her world, one that holds countless perils for a mortal. Will they survive this, and more importantly, will their relationship survive Lena’s new secrets?

What I Liked About It:

This book was a little more otherworldly, and the authors did a great job of refining their world a little more. Even more so, they really added those elements that any southerner, or person living in the south, will recognize. The elderly with their quirks and secrets feature heavily in this one, and I love that, as well as an expansion on the intricate family tale that began in Beautiful Creatures, and even better, meshing the Ravenwoods and Wates together even further.

What I Didn’t Like About It:

This one was a little bit predictable. I definitely knew what was coming before it came, but that didn’t stop me from enjoying this book.

The Verdict:

I would recommend this book because it does contain an important piece of information that you will need going further. The writing was good, and the “southerness” of this book was still apparent, and definitely worth the time you spend reading it.

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