One Minute Book Review: Locke and Key Volumes 1-6 by Joe Hill


The Summary:

After a violent summer vacation, the Locke family moves to Lovecraft Massachusetts and the old family home there. However, they don’t know that the old Locke homestead hold even more dangers than California. . . until they find the first key.

What I liked:

Everything. I’m not even joking here. This was an incredible story with an incredible premise, and had my skin crawling and creeping at every turn. I devoured all six of these volumes so quickly, it wasn’t funny. The writing was perfect, the illustrations were fantastic, and I’m not sure if there was anything I didn’t like.

What I didn’t like:

It was over too quickly.


If you like a good horror story, or just a well-written one, read this one. Seriously, I loved this one.