One Minute Book Review: The Girl on the Train

One Minute Book Review-thegirlonthetrain

The Summary:

Rachel takes the same train every morning, and every morning she passes by the same couple, whom she has dubbed Jess and Jason. Then one morning she witnesses something shocking, and her world is turned upside down as she learns who Jess and Jason really are, and becomes intimately involved in their lives.

What I liked:

This was just a good read. Fast, compelling, with a mystery that was actually a mystery (although one that became predictable), and definitely a thriller. They keep comparing this book to Gone Girl, but I thought that the characters were more likable than the characters of Gone Girl. The characters in this book are definitely human, very definitely fallible, and act like I felt they should have, given their personalities.

What I didn’t like:

Sometimes the story dragged on a bit, but obviously not so much that I couldn’t continue reading. I, however, didn’t find too many criticisms I had of this book, although there were plenty on GoodReads. I felt, though, that considering the subject matter and the flaws that the characters had that it was very believable, so what you’re not going to like is going to be very subjective based on what you want from a story.


I thought it was solid read, so I would definitely recommend this book, unless you hate darker stories. But don’t judge it based on the comparison to Gone Girl, because other than sharing a gritty tone, it’s not very alike.

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