One Minute Book Review: Pines by Blake Crouch

Before I start in with this week’s book review I wanted to apologize for the typos of late. I try to write my book review about one day after I read a book, this lets some of the shine wear off if I thought it was fantastic, but before I forget what a book was about. Sometimes in my efforts to get down a reaction as quickly as possible, I can forget to look things over. So I’m sorry if it’s just been bugging you, and I will try to be better. Now, on to our regularly scheduled book review:

One Minute Book Review Pines by Blake Crouch

The Summary:

Secret Service Agent Ethan Burke wakes up by the river. He was sent to Wayward Pines to locate and retrieve two federal agents who disappeared there, but was involved in an accident. He remembers nothing after that, until his mysterious awakening by the river in the small Idaho town. All he knows is that he is missing his ID, his wallet, and his phone. What exactly is Wayward Pines? And why is nothing what it seems?

What I liked:

Oh man! This took off and never slowed down! It built up tension very well, and I thought the use of fragment sentences were effective (although you’ll notice that a lot of people on Goodreads did not like it at all). I really like that this book was reminiscent of Twin Peaks (the nods to TV series really stuck out to me), but that in the end it wasn’t something that tried to emulate Twin Peaks. The book was its own entity with its own twist. Speaking of the twist, it wasn’t as mind-blowing as I’d hoped, because I’d already guessed something similar. But it was interesting enough that I immediately picked up the next book in the series when I was done with the first.

What I didn’t like:

What didn’t I like? You know what, this was one of those reads that was pretty darn satisfying. I think you could read this book as a one-off, and still feel like it was a satisfying ending. So I have no complaints for this one.


This is a book I would really recommend, especially if you enjoy thrillers. In fact, it was one of those books that I immediately recommended to my best friend, and I really had a hard time deciding whether to give it five stars or four stars. The only reason it didn’t get five stars was because at Goodreads five stars means “it was amazing” and while I loved it, I didn’t see myself dying to tell everyone I know about this book, though I thought it was pretty darn good.

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