One Minute Book Review: Wicked Appetite by Janet Evanovich

One Minute Book Review - Wicked Appetite by Janet Evanovich

The Summary:

Lizzy Tucker’s life is going along swimmingly until sexy and somewhat supernatural Diesel shows up. Suddenly she’s chasing after a stone that causes gluttonous tendencies, she’s adopting both a cat and a monkey, all while still baking killer cupcakes.

What I didn’t like:

So I changed our format around this week, because I wanted to talk about what I didn’t like before I talked about what I did like, because it kind of mattered. So I didn’t like that Stephanie Plum Lizzy Tucker was . . . well, she was indistinguishable from Stephanie Plum. I mean, honestly, I didn’t see too much of a difference, except Lizzy works in a bakery, and has a wannabe goth chick (maybe? I wasn’t sure of this) as her sidekick. Ms. Evanovich tried to get Carl (the monkey) to eat using a fork again (something that happened in a Between The Numbers Plum book), she had Carl flipping people off again, and I felt like Diesel and Wulf were somewhat similar to Morelli and Ranger, back at the beginning of the Plum series. In short, this was a rip off of the Plum series (minus Grandma and Stephanie’s parents, although Lizzy’s father did show up).

What I liked:

Here’s where the reverse in what I did and didn’t like matters. . . Despite the similarities to the Plum series. . . It was just what I was in the mood for. I was jonesing for a Stephanie Plum novel, and didn’t have one available, and saw that Wicked Charms was coming out, so decided that I would go ahead and read Wicked Appetite. And really enjoyed it. I was expecting the similarities, and was indeed looking forward to them, so I liked Carl’s antics, loved Cat, and Diesel was a comfortable character that I knew from the Plum In Between The Numbers books, so. . . It was good.

Look, the truth is, you’re not going to pick up a Janet Evanovich novel because you’re looking for a new and unique story to dive into. You’re picking it up because it’s the literary equivalent of comfort food. . . It’s predictable, and comfortable, and makes you feel good at the end of it.


I would recommend this to someone looking for a quick, comfortable read. I know that sometimes Ms. Evanovich’s books feel overly predictable, but I’m always going to recommend her books as a great comfort read, especially if you’re looking to finish something quickly.

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