One Minute Book Review: Wicked Business by Janet Evanovich

Note: You’ll notice this review is earlier than usual! That’s because thanks to Netgalley and the publisher I have managed to obtain a copy of Wicked Charms to read and review for you, and because that particular book has a release date of next Tuesday, I want to have Wicked Charms reviewed for you on Monday, the day before the set release date. However, this will not affect our usual book review date of Wednesdays, and you will still see your customary Wednesday book review. You’ll just have a little extra this week! And now, on to our book review. . . 


                                                                                                                   One Minute Book Review-Wicked Business by Janet Evanovich

The Summary:

Lizzy Tucker and Diesel are back! This time they’re looking for the Luxuria stone, the Lust stone of the stones that embody the seven deadly sins. And this time they’re facing not only Wulf and his bumbling minion Hatchet, but also the mysterious Anarchy, who are all after the same stone! Can Lizzy and Diesel find the stone first? Can they do it without acting on their own lust?

What I liked:

I always enjoy Carl, and I actually felt like there wasn’t enough Cat in this book! The clues to what they were looking for were well thought out, and the book had a National Treasure vibe I was digging.

What I didn’t like:

Oh boy. . . Okay, with as many books as Ms. Evanovich has written, I was bound to come across one I didn’t like very much, and I’m sorry to say that this was it. And it wasn’t the story, the story was what I expected. But there were inconsistencies and changes in the personality of some of the characters that just didn’t sit well with me. Diesel seemed. . . Unlike himself. He seemed grumpy, and short with Lizzy at times, very unlike who he has been in the past in the Plum books, and even the first book in this series. I didn’t find him very likeable, which was a big issue for me, since I’d always loved Diesel because he was so likable. There were inconsistencies as well, for some reason Diesel’s assistant Gwen was replaced by the idea that he had a revolving door for assistants. . . I preferred Gwen, the idea of the assistant that could get anything done for him. Also, Lizzy magically was able to bake cupcakes again (at the end of Wicked Appetite she seemed unable to bake a cupcake). Wulf was warmer and fuzzier. . . Hatchet was more subservient, even though the previous book had established that he had a big rebellious streak. And I just had such a hard time with the villains in this book. . . every time Ms. Evanovich made a villain feel somewhat menacing, she would pull back and make them look like a cartoon. I feel like there’s a fear Ms. Evanovich has with getting too serious and scary in her books, but I feel like her books would greatly benefit from that, the jokes would land a lot better.

But the worst part was. . . Lizzy Tucker came off looking like a wimp. The reason why Stephanie Plum works is because she in the instigator of her crazy romps. It’s her decision to go after so and so, and she always has this vision of being this big bad bounty hunter, so it winds up kind of funny when she doesn’t succeed. Lizzy Tucker, however, is a very passive character. She’s not being dragged off unwillingly. Diesel shows up, says let’s go, and she follows along like a puppy, gets kicked, falls down, and gets saved. She doesn’t seem to do anything of her own accord. And that feels really disappointing and like a let down to me.


If you’re kind of OCD when it comes to book series, then you’ll probably feel compelled to read this book. Would I honestly recommend it though? No.

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