Where I’ve Been and the Future of this Blog

I know, I know.

I know what you’re thinking.

Nathalie! Where did you go?

Okay, so here’s the deal. . . Back in September I decided I wanted to start posting videos on YouTube. I felt that I could move over there fairly easily, at the time, since it was a format I was familiar with and it was something I’d done before. And because I was moving over there, I planned on kind of leaving the blog behind.

And then, of course, life intervened! Oh no!

Life got hectic (as it always does at the end of the year), and we also made the big decision to homeschool our children, which also necessitated a lot of discussion etc.

So where I am at this moment is that I will probably continue on with the blog. I’m also trying to make the YouTube thing happen, because again, it was something that I’ve done before that I really loved.

In the meantime, I do feel like leaving the blog is a disservice to those who may not enjoy YouTube videos, and just want to sit down and read a book review before deciding to read it.

So in short, I’m not leaving the blogosphere! I’m just trying to expand into some other venues. . . but I’ve read plenty of books since Orphan Train, and since I’m snowed/iced in, I’m writing a bunch of book reviews today!

I’m sorry I left you all for so long. I’m not going to promise to never do it again, because… Well, I’m a human being, and like most human beings I have to do human being things. But I’m going to really make an effort to be around more than I’m not around.

Now, let’s go read a book!



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