One Minute Book Review: A Walk in the Woods by Bill Bryson

A Walk in the Woods

The Summary:

Author Bill Bryson, along with his friend Katz, decide to walk the Appalachian Trail, or AT, to get reacquainted with America.

What I liked:

Easily the beginning and end of this book, where Bryson and Katz are walking together were easily the best parts of this book. Katz provided plenty of comic relief to Bryson, who seemed a little too serious at times.

What I didn’t like:

The middle was a little heavy, by which I mean that the subject matter got very serious as Bryson spoke about the state of conservation in this country, and what the government means, exactly, by conservation. BUT it was very educational. So even though I didn’t rip through this portion like I did the rest, and even though I got a little bit bored, I easily learned the most during this portion of the book.


If you like to learn, and if you like memoirs and nonfiction, I would definitely recommend this book. It may not be your thing if you like fast-paced and action packed, though.

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