Like A Zombie, I Rise From The Dead. . .

Well, I’m trying to anyway. If by some chance you’re seeing this then. . . well, wow! First off, color me impressed! You’ve been waiting around since 2018, if I had a prize to give you, I would! Also you’re going to (hopefully) notice new content quietly being posted. I want to be sure I have a set schedule (and plenty of backup book reviews), before I begin trying to reel people back in.

Just because I’m quietly trying to revive this blog, doesn’t mean that I don’t still love the interaction that blogging brings. As always, please feel free to contact me regarding books you’d like me to review, or leave me a note on my reviews.

The format of my book reviews will remain the same: I loved the idea of a shorter, more succinct book review style, and quite honestly, the one minute book review is definitely my style.

If you’ve been waiting, I appreciate your hanging around. And that YouTube channel. . . that’s in the works too.

See you soon!

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